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We’re here to answer your questions and provide assistance on your disc golf journey. Whether you’re looking to schedule a consultation, learn more about disc golf, or find out how to get started, we’re just a message away. Fill out the form, and we’ll be in contact with you shortly.”


Do I need any prior experience to start disc golf training?

No, our training programs are suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced players. We’ll tailor the training to your needs.

What equipment do I need for disc golf training?

For the first time no equipment is needed, we will provide you with discs for the training. Later on a set of disc golf discs, which include drivers, mid-ranges, and putters, may be needed. We can guide you in choosing the right ones.

How can I schedule a training session with Rait?

You can easily schedule a session by contacting us by sending email or filling out contact form. We’ll work with your availability.

What should I wear for disc golf training?

Comfortable athletic wear and sturdy footwear are recommended. Be prepared for outdoor conditions, so dress accordingly.

What types of training programs do you offer?

We offer a variety of programs, including one-on-one coaching, group lessons, and specialized training for different aspects of the game, such as putting and driving techniques.

How can I track my progress during training?

We’ll provide regular feedback and may use video analysis to help you see and understand your improvements over time.

Can I join a disc golf league or tournament after training with Rait?

Absolutely! We encourage our students to participate in leagues and tournaments to apply what they’ve learned and challenge themselves in real-game situations.